Project Update

Fantastic news: At least one shipment of hymnals has arrived in Angola and our church partners – the Congregational Church in Angola, or IECA – have begun to sell them to their members. People are so joyful to have the hymnals. With over 200,000 new members since the last hymnals were published ten years ago, there are thousands of people who can have a hymnal of their own for the first time.

(Unloading hymnals with good ol’ people power.)

The construction of the University at Dondi is also now underway, and IECA is making good progress at opening this critically important educational resources for the church and for all of Angola.

We are about 1/2 way to our fundraising goal of $105,000, so please give generously today through the Illinois Conference donation page:

Click here to donate!

For any questions, contact Lisa Mitchell, Partnership Team Chair, at mitchell.lisaanne at, or Mike Solberg, hymnal project coordinator at jmichaelsolberg at (we write the emails that goofy way to keep from getting spammed by web crawler bots, sorry).



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