Update on Hymnal Project

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Several members of the Illinois Conference – Angola Partnership Team visited Angola in May and June and spent time in several IECA congregations. Wow – are they eager to get these hymnals! At the Palestina congregation in Luanda, (pictured below) here are some comments we heard:

“I joined the church three years ago and still have not been able to buy a hymn book. I really want one.”

“See, my hymn book has no has a cover, so pages keep falling off.”

“Even we young people want to buy these new hymn books!”

We are making progress in our fundraising, but are not quite yet 1/2 way to our $105,000 goal. As you may have already read, IECA will sell the hymnals to their members. Now they estimate being able to raise as much as $500,000, and that money will all be used to open a new church-based university! This project will truly be a double blessing to our partners!

Please donate today, as little as $3, or as much as $3,000! Every donation will make a difference.

Give via the “Angola Hymnals” line at this secure website.

Thank you!



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