The University of Dondi – The beneficiary of the hymnals

Because they are used by individuals (not simply owned by congregations) I.E.C.A. has always sold their hymnals to church members. The proceeds of the hymnal sales will largely be used for start up costs for a new university the church is opening at the historic Dondi Mission Station, a few miles outside Huambo, in central Angola.

As I.E.C.A. General Secretary Andre Cangovi tells the story, in 1914, at the inaugural celebration of the Dondi Mission Station, one of the stated goals/dreams was to offer university level education for Angolans at Dondi. For decades, Portuguese restrictions kept that from happening, and then came years of war. But based in current needs and new possibilities, IECA has returned to that dream. For over two years, an “installation commission” has been actively laying the groundwork for a university at Dondi, and earlier this year, they received needed government approval. They hope to begin instruction in March of 2018!

Here’s the link to donate – give generously.

Here are photos of a university building with the outside already rehabbed, a building to be rehabbed, some students who are likely to attend the university, and the countryside around the 7500 acre Dondi Mission Station (in the dry season).


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